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Club Accreditation Window Update

Dear COMET User, This is an email to inform you that the Club Accreditation window that was due to open on July 11th has now been pushed back. At this time we anticipate a new opening period in early August and will make sure to update everyone in due course.

As we have outlined throughout this difficult period, timelines being worked to are all subject to change and as such we feel it will be beneficial to delay the opening of the Club Accreditation window at this time.

The main reason for pushing this date back is to ensure clubs are given as much time as possible to complete all of their Coach, Staff and Official registrations to be able to complete the Accreditation process. If they are not registered and Confirmed on COMET, they cannot be added to the Accreditation application, so it is important you get these done before completing the application.

The incentive and submission deadlines for the Accreditation applications will also be pushed back accordingly in line with this later start in order to provide clubs enough opportunity to meet these.

To date over 5,000 individuals have now been registered for this coming season, so a big thank you to all those clubs that are completing registrations at this time. We kindly ask that clubs continue to keep submitting and completing their registrations so that they can complete the accreditation process as and when the window does open.

For further information on how to register Coaches, Staff and Officials, please see our COMET support website, in particular the Advice for all registration and the Club section – https://cometsupport.faw.cymru/ For further information on how the Club Accreditation process will work on COMET next season, please click this link – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JTvUtZ6lA0uWZrS-BxMlevQ35rk3gJqS?usp=sharing

Thank you for your continuing hard work in getting your Coaches, Staff and Officials registered and for your patience and understanding at this time. Best wishes, The FAW COMET Team

As stated in the above communication, we anticipate at this time it will now be in early August but will be in touch as and when there are any further updates.

In the meantime if any of your clubs contact you regarding accreditation we just wanted to ensure you have the most up to date information. If they can carry on focusing on their registrations for now then they will be in a good position come the opening of the window.

Kind regards, The FAW COMET team