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NWCFA Cups Conference Dates 2015-16

The Conference dates for the N.W.C.F.A. Cups for 2015-16 season
Please enter them into your diary and also inform your Players and Parents

Under 12 Cup.
Round One 10th October 2015.
Round Two 7th November 2015.
Round Three 5th December 2015.
Quarter Finals 30th January 2016.
Semi-Finals 27th February 2016.
FINAL 9th APRIL 2016.

Under 14s Cup.
Round One 17th October 2015.
Round Two 21st November 2015.
Round Three 16th January 2016.
Quarter Finals 20th February 2016.
Semi-Finals 19th March 2016.
FINAL 23rd APRIL 2016.

Under 16s Cup.
Round One 3rd October 2015.
Round Two 24th October 2015.
Round Three 14th November 2015.
Quarter Finals 6th February 2016.
Semi-Finals 5th March 2016.
FINAL 16th APRIL 2016.

Youth Cup.
Round One 11th October 2015.
Round Two 15th November 2015.
Semi-Finals 13th March 2016.
FINAL 8th MAY 2016.