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U12s 9v9 Rules

Rules & Pitch Size for U12s 9v9 Format

  1. 9 x 9 Mini Football

18.1 Team Size, Pitch Size and Ball Size

18.1.1 Must be implemented as below in the table:-

Age Group Number of Players (Maximum number of players per team) Size of Pitch (length x width) Size of Ball Under 12 9 x 9 70 x 44 yards 4

18.1.2 An 11 x 11 pitch can be adapted for the 9 x 9 format, utilizing the width of the penalty area (44 yards) for the 9 x 9 pitch width and the distance from penalty box to penalty box for the 9 x 9 pitch length. See diagrams below for guidance:

18.2 Goal Size

18.2.1 The goal size is 16 foot (width) x 7 feet (height).

18.3 Penalty & Goal Area

18.3.1 The Penalty Area must be 28 yards wide and 12 yards from the goal line . A penalty spot should be marked 9 yards from the goal line.

18.3.2 A Goal Area is not necessary, but goal kicks are to be taken approximately 4 yards from the goal line. A painted marker 4 yards from each post is sufficient for guidance.

18.3.3 For dedicated 9×9 pitches, a goal area can be marked out. This is to be 4 yards from the goal line and 4 yards from each goal post towards the corner.

18.4 Match Duration

18.4.1 A game must be a maximum of 70 minutes, split into two halves of 35 minutes. The duration of half time should not exceed 15 minutes.

18.5 Substitutes

18.5.1 Any number of substitutes may be used at appropriate breaks in play with the permission of the referee. A player who has been replaced may re-enter the game (rolling substitutes).

18.5.2 All players should have a period of play.

18.6 Kick off

18.6.1 Is taken in the centre of the playing area to start the game and after a goal has been scored.

18.6.2 The opposition must be a minimum of 7 yards away from where the ball is placed.

18.7 Ball In & Out of Play and the Method of Scoring.

18.7.1 As defined per the ‘FIFA Laws of the Game’ – Law 9 & Law 10 apply to 9×9 Mini Football.


18.8 Off-Side

18.8.1 As defined per the ‘FIFA Laws of the Game’- Law 11 to apply.

18.9 Throw In

18.9.1 As defined per the ‘FIFA Laws of the Game’- Law 15 to apply.

18.10 Corner Kicks

18.10.1 As defined per the ‘FIFA Laws of the Game’ – Law 17 to apply.

18.11 Free Kicks

18.11.1 As defined per the ‘FIFA Laws of the Game’ – Law 12 to apply.

18.12 Goalkeepers

18.12.1 Can handle the ball in their penalty area and there are no restrictions on the number of steps they may take holding the ball.

18.12.2 The Goalkeeper can leave the penalty area but cannot handle the ball outside the penalty area.

18.12.3 The Goalkeeper can throw or kick the ball out of their hands; the Goalkeeper can also kick the ball on the ground but can then be challenged by the opponent.

18.12.4 Pass Back to Goalkeeper – players cannot pass the ball to their own goalkeeper, for the Goalkeeper to handle the ball.

18.13 Goal Kicks

18.13.1 All goal kicks must be taken from the ground (refer 18.3.2 for location).

18.13.2 The ball must be kicked out of the penalty area before another players touches it.

18.14 Players in the Goal Area 18.14.1 There are no restrictions regarding the number of players allowed in the goal area during open play.

18.15 The Referee

18.15.1 Each match is controlled by a referee who has full authority to enforce the rules of 9×9 Mini Football and the FIFA ‘Laws of the Game’.